Why ENLIGHTEN LED lighting?

ENLIGHTEN™ LED lighting solutions are designed and fabricated to address the harsh demands of commercial environments such as duration of use, heat, location, and climate. We work with our customers to recommend the best quality ENLIGHTEN product for the application, showing a better investment than traditional lighting with less ongoing maintenance. It’s all backed by a 7-year warranty and the commitment of a second-generation, privately held company.

Commercial Applications



Indoor Fluorescent Retrofit Applications

Designed to provide a better solution to traditional fluorescent tubes, ENLIGHTEN LED tubes use an isolated driver to bypass the ballast in an existing fixture and achieve optimal energy savings. This has the added benefit of protecting the tube from damage caused by power surges. All products are fabricated using premium quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards for commercial applications.


Industrial High Bay Applications

The ENLIGHTEN HILUM LED light is designed to replace the troublesome fluorescents, metal halide fixtures or any traditional high bay light. They’re easy to maintain for high bay applications and radiate more light per watt at the flick of a switch. It is also available with a battery backup emergency and night light option. For those vapor, corrosive and explosive commercial environments we also have a solution!


Outdoor Applications

Besides improving illumination, energy consumption and maintenance, ENLIGHTEN LED outdoor area lighting is designed to better combat harsh environmental conditions (pollution and weather) that accelerate decay.

ENLIGHTEN™ technologies can improve your lighting quality and help you save up to 70% in lighting energy costs. In fact, most organizations will see a return-on-investment (ROI) in 2-4 years or sooner.

Latest News and Articles

NEWS:  Clearly a Healthier Choice

NEWS: Clearly a Healthier Choice

July 27, 2016

  Friday, July 15, 2016. Clearwater, KS. Staying Fit with a Retrofit! The people of Clearwater, Kansas can experience a brighter, healthier workout from now on. The Clearwater Wellness Center replaced the outdated, hazardous and energy hogging T8 fluorescent tubes with new ENLIGHTEN LED lighting. By retrofitting the existing fixture to bypass the troublesome ballasts the … Read More



July 25, 2016

After extensive research to find product that meets or exceeds the company’s quality standards, ENLIGHTEN™ is pleased to announced the introduction of it’s commercial grade outdoor LED area lighting. Product includes shoebox, wall pack and canister lighting. And it’s designed to be more durable and easier to maintain as well as energy efficient.