To be awarded the UL endorsement, LED light bulbs must meet or exceed certain industry standards one of which is for what’s called radio frequency interference (RFI). Nevertheless, there is a lot of product on the market that is not UL approved.

Because of the nature of their business in wireless communications, TFMComm* commissioned an independent assessment by an accredited consulting engineer of the ENLIGHTEN™ by Century technology radio frequency interference (RFI). The study investigated the following frequencies to insure that no licensed radio frequencies are affected by the lights: 50 MHz, 108 MHz, 150 MHz, 450 MHz, 750 MHz, 806 MHz, 900 MHz, 2000 MHz.

The independent findings of the study showed:
“We saw NO increase in the noise floor at any of the above frequency bands. Since there is no RF energy being radiated from these light fixtures, you do not have to perform an FCC Part 15 study on these lights.”

ENLIGHTEN by Century are excited to share this information with it’s customers. This independent assessment supports our claim that our technologies are commercial grade. As a company we take pride in what we do and are committed to bringing you the very best quality products and services.

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*TFMComm is an authorized dealer of Century Business Technologies, Inc.