We Let Our Record Speak for Itself

“We are in the process of replacing our fluorescent fixtures in our facility with Enlighten HILUM fixtures and tubes. Since we were already upgrading our facility, improving the lighting made sense. The unexpected benefit is that better lighting has enabled us improve some of our print production processes.”

-Rick Brockett Bel USA, Medley FL

"Spent the weekend relighting the shop at CTI Wamego. We replaced the 15 - 400w fixtures with 46 Enlighten HILUM LED fixtures. Plus we removed all the fluorescent fixtures on the side walls. Huge difference. Big thanks to Enlighten Led for the layout plans and fixtures”.

– Mike Adams CTI John Deere, Wamego KS

“I wasn’t looking to upgrade my Lighting.  The opportunity to have an in house change to a light in our printing room was brought to me and what a difference it made.  We could see true colors in our Vinyl printers and Direct Jet Printers like never before. My Team and I were very impressed.  With a promise of a reduced electric bill, that could easily pay for the cost of the lights, I decided to upgrade the lighting throughout the whole shop.  My employees have thanked me more than once for their ability to see better.  We have lowered our mistakes to almost zero due to missed flaws.  I was skeptical about the reduction in cost of electricity but to my surprise we have lowered our bill at least double what was predicted.  Based on the electric bill alone, I will pay for the lighting upgrade in about 4 years.  Couple that with the reduced costs in mistakes and the longevity of the lighting itself, we have made a great upgrade to our facility”.

– Chad Joachims - Country Accents, Inc. 

Topeka Firehouse_HiLUM

Firemen are accustomed to working in difficult, unsafe conditions, but that doesn't have to extend to the Fire Department maintenance facility. The lighting in the equipment maintenance facility was particularly poor and situated in the wrong place to work efficiently. It consisted of 25 x 8' T12 fluorescent light fixtures in a 70' x 60' room with four bays, an inventory tool area and mezzanine. To make matters worse, the fluorescent lights were positioned right over the truck maintenance bays as opposed to the aisles. It was totally inadequate and presented a safety hazard.

ENLIGHTEN™ designed a new lighting plan and installed 30 x 4' ENLIGHTEN LED HiLUM160W light fixtures (each with four bulbs). It took the foot candle lux from 12-15 to 80. The installation took 2.5 days and included re-hard wiring everything with new conduit in addition to the fixtures.

The good news is that they can now see what they are doing, not to mention it is a safer working environment.

The firehouse had an open house once the installation was complete. This resulted in other public works departments planning lighting upgrade projects.


  Aliance Bank_front entrance 2

ALLIANCE BANK, Topeka, KS, September 2016

Despite being a bank, saving money on energy bills was not priority number one for this financial institution. Alliance's senior management staff was more concerned with reducing lighting maintenance, improving security, and creating a better overall customer experience. When asked why he wanted to do the lighting project, the bank President remarked “I don’t want to have to change another light bulb…” Not that he literally changed the light bulbs, but his intent was clear.

Organized in three phases over a two month period, ENLIGHTEN™ by Century supplied ENLIGHTEN LED lighting to retrofit two branches of the Alliance Bank. Interior lighting included 2’ and 4’ LED fluorescent tube replacements, push-in lights over counter-tops, dimmable panel lights, and exit/safety lights. On the exterior 30W canopy lights, 100W wall pack lights and 150W parking lot lights were installed for entrance, drive-thru, parking and security purposes. Specific problems solved by transitioning to LED lighting include reduction of heat in the IT/server room and exterior security.

The bank President is thrilled with the results. He commented that it is the best lighting he has seen and provided a letter of recommendation for other ENLIGHTEN™ customers.


When the lighting becomes impossible to maintain in your maintenance and storage facility, you know you have a problem. That was the case for the forestry department in Topeka, KS public works.

For years the department had put up with poor lighting from a combination of metal halide and 8' T12 fluorescent tubes fixtures. A third of the lights had stopped working and rather than patching up a system that was obsolete and costing too much to maintain, it was decided to remove it all and install ENLIGHTEN™ High Bay LED lighting.

After conducting a site survey and lighting design using photo metrics, twenty four ENLIGHTEN LED HiLUM160w lights were installed to give this public works department the most even and well-illuminated space. The ENLIGHTEN high bay lighting requires next to no maintenance and carries a 7-year warranty. 

Aside from the better light, the customer was overjoyed in the thought of not having to repair an unsustainable lighting system.


80% Energy Savings and Less Maintenance

Maintaining the lighting in a small church might seem easy enough but in actuality, it is a huge undertaking when considering ceiling heights, equipment needs, furniture removal and volunteer time. That's why the Rose Hill United Methodist Church decided to invest in the latest commercial-grade LED lighting technology from ENLIGHTEN by Century.

After conducting a site survey to calculate how best to light different spaces within the place of worship, the existing T12/T8 fluorescent tubes were replaced with commercial-grade ENLIGHTEN™ LED fluorescent replacement tubes. A total of 74 fixtures were modified to accommodate the LED tubes reducing the wattage from 7,400W to 1,522W. This provided huge energy savings while emitting better quality light.

The commercial-grade technology used with its 7-year warranty requires little to no maintenance, saving time and money for Church members.

For more information about this project please see the attached case study.

ENLIGHTEN_Rose Hill Church_case study OCTOBER 2016


ENL_Charles Eng image

CHARLES ENGINEERING (www.chaseng.com), Clearwater, Kansas, January, 2017

The Value of Quality Lighting is much more than just Plant and Equipment

Several years ago Charles Engineering senior management looked into upgrading the lighting in their facilities to LED, but it was cost prohibitive and the technology didn’t seem to serve the purpose. Fast forward to October 2016 and ENLIGHTEN by Century introduced Charles Engineering to the next generation of LED lighting for commercial application that requires little to no maintenance and is easier to service in the event something does breakdown.

Management was so impressed with the light and durability of the ENLIGHTEN™ LED tubes designed for fluorescent replacement and the ENLIGHTEN™ HILUM160W high bay lighting designed to replace T5 and metal halides that they decided to invest in converting the offices and one production area. After seeing the results of that initial conversion, the company quickly decided to convert the entire facility to ENLIGHTEN™ LED’s.

To describe that conversion in more detail, the first phase of the changeover involved approximately one third of the facility including the main production area and offices. In the offices, depending on the light emitted, T8’s were replaced with either 1 or 2 LED tubes versus the existing 3 fluorescent tubes. Upon satisfactory completion and seeing the results, phase 2 commenced. In the production area both 4 and 6 tube T5 fixtures were replaced. This included a combination of ENLIGHTEN high bay lights, and LED tubes. In all, the first two phases included 55 ENLIGHTEN HiLUM high bay lights, 110 4’ T8/T12 LED replacement tubes, and 12 8’ T8/T12 LED replacement tubes.

Phase 3 of the project was completed in January. This phase included the installation of 120 high bay lights comprised of 80 HiLUM120W and 40 HiLUM160W ENLIGHTEN light fixtures along with 60 18W T8 LED replacement tubes for the remainder of the offices.

Naturally, this was a major investment for management, but the company takes pride in running a state-of-the-art facility and creating a safe productive working environment for employees. Employee morale is paramount for Jim Charles the owner of Charles Engineering and having the best quality light in the facility is well worth the investment.


ENL_FMI interior image

FMI Incorporated (www.fmi-incorporated.com), Wichita, Kansas

A new high bay LED solution for a brand new high output machine shop

As a testament to the quality of its work, FMI Inc. a machining and forming company supporting the aerospace industry in Park City, Kansas, is experiencing growth despite the sluggish economy. To keep up with orders and stay on the leading edge in the industry, management embarked on a recent project to build a new 80,000 square foot facility, which of course needed lighting. But as Mark Houser, the facilities manager will testify, finding suitable lighting for such a harsh working environment is not easy.

Over the years, Houser had tried multiple light sources including metal halides and fluorescent T5, with varying degrees of success. The problem wasn’t always the quality of light, but the rapid degradation and the ongoing maintenance required. This was compounded by the ongoing service requirements of the lighting, given the high ceilings, production equipment and operators, heat and humidity, and dirt. This made lighting maintenance an endless nuisance that got in the way of running the business efficiently. Recognizing that LED’s were the emerging lighting technology, Houser started exploring existing LED technology options. He quickly found that the metal halide LED replacements weren’t a good option in the harsh production environment and didn’t provide optimal lighting. He then experimented with an LED T5 option and discovered it wasn’t easily serviceable in case a driver failed.

After listening to Houser’s needs and learning from what he had already discovered, Enlighten™ by Century started working  to develop a lighting solution that would be easy to maintain (more serviceable), more cost effective to run, and emit better quality light for the new FMI production facility. One large factor for Houser in having a new LED product for their facilities is that it must require less maintenance. As he pointed out to ENLIGHTEN™ by Century, a warranty is of limited value if the product fails as there is still valuable labor time and cost to change it. Using LED technology, together we developed the ENLIGHTEN HiLUM120W and HiLUM160W high bay light fixtures that come with a no hour limitation 7-year warranty and can be easily serviced, if necessary.

When complete the ENLIGHTEN™ HiLUM160W fixture emits more light than either a standard 360W T5 fixture or a 400W Metal Halide and does so with less heat than those standard lighting products. This is good, especially in this commercial environment.

In total 349 lights were installed in the production area of the new 80,000 square foot facility, of which 61 had battery backups with night light and safety features. The photometric analysis of the new LED lighting system were provided and approved by the engineers prior to installation and the Enlighten™ HILUM product is guaranteed for 7 years.

FMI senior management is so please with the result they are in the process of retrofitting the original facility with the new ENLIGHTEN™ HiLUM high bay lighting.