Extension of the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction 179D

February 25, 2016By EnlightenPress

Great news for building owners and tenants who make expenditures to cause new or renovated commercial buildings to be more energy efficient and designers of qualifying government buildings. The government has extended the 179D deduction through December 31, 2016. ENLIGHTEN™ by Century customers should consult with their tax advisor on taking the deduction for the … Read More

The Value Far Outweighs the Costs of a Commercial Space LED Retrofit

February 20, 2016By EnlightenPress

The upfront costs of retro-fitting commercial real estate with LED lighting might seem high, but property owners can realize a ROI quickly and it can be substantially higher than simply cost savings on your energy bill. That’s why ENLIGHTEN™ by Century will provide the best-in-class commercial grade technology and installation, and financing options, so you … Read More

ENLIGHTEN™ by Century LED Tubes Meet or Exceed Industry Standards

February 20, 2016By EnlightenPress

ENLIGHTEN™ by Century retrofit 4ft and 8ft tubes are specially configured to endure the stresses of commercial applications. The technology includes the UL quality PT cover, LM-80 grade* LEDs (view article), with a commercial grade capacitor in an upgraded driver to assure RF interference resistance (see letter of certification). Furthermore, the retrofit LED shoebox lights … Read More