Commercial Space Requires Commercial Technology


Buyer beware. While LED lighting products might look similar on the surface, it’s what’s inside that counts. ENLIGHTEN™ lighting products have been engineered to perform in harsher commercial environments, where duration of use, heat, location, and climate conditions take a toll.

Besides using components that meet or exceed industry standards, we have designed and fabricated our lighting products to suit the commercial need. For example, our LED fluorescent replacement tubes use a more robust, isolated driver that bypasses the ballast in existing fluorescent fixtures. This optimizes energy saving LED light performance and protects against power surges and electric shock. Similarly, our high bay LED lights designed to replace fluorescents and metal halides use two external drivers mounted to the light fixture. This improves cooling in demanding high ceiling commercial environment and makes cleaning or replacement easy. These are just two examples of how our products are designed and fabricated to suit the commercial environment. We have a range of products to suit most needs as described below.


Indoor Commercial Lighting

Design and Fabrication

  • Isolated driver by-passes the ballast and protects against power surges and electric shock
  • More diodes per linear foot reduces load on individual diodes and slows lumen depreciation
  • Direct to current connection optimizes energy saving and reduces maintenance
  • Premium quality materials meets commercial standards for safety and helps slow deterioration over time
  • High heat dispersing and resistance qualities

See attached pdf for specifications on Indoor Commercial Lighting products


Indoor Commercial High Bay Lighting

Design and Fabrication

  • Venting design improves air circulation to help avoid overheating
  • Superior heat dissipation maximizes driver and LED performance, reliability and lifespan
  • Modular design and assembly makes maintenance and repair quick and easy
  • Low weight factor makes installation easy
  • Multiple options for mounting and suspension accommodates different architectural requirements
  • Premium quality materials meet or exceed industry standards for commercial applications

See attached pdf for specifications on Indoor Commercial Lighting products



Outdoor Commercial Overhead, Ceiling and Wall Lighting

Design and Fabrication

  • Design improves heat dispersion and heat coefficient
  • Multi-purpose fixture makes installation easy for a slip fitter, U-bracket or straight arm configuration
  • Design protects against dust ingress and water penetration
  • Casing material improves durability, reduces decay caused by accumulation of dirt and debris, thereby extending the product life

See attached pdf for specifications on Outdoor Commercial Lighting products